Members of the Balearic parliament with the speaker of Congress, Meritxel Batet.


On Tuesday, Congress rejected a proposal from the Balearic parliament to set limits on the price to rent. This proposal, supported by PSOE in the Balearics, was not supported by PSOE (Prime Minister Sánchez's party) in Congress. This wasn't because PSOE oppose such a measure but because legislation already being processed by Congress has the same objectives.

Pere Joan Pons, a PSOE deputy for the Balearics, said that the proposal was interesting but was "unnecessary" because the housing law is already being debated.

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Three members of the Balearic parliament spoke to the proposal. Josep Castells (Més in Minorca) said that the housing problem in the Balearics is "pressing" and that prices have increased in an extraordinary manner due to the economic structure of the islands, the increase in population and the fact that the islands are desirable for non-residents.

Joan Ferrer of PSOE conceded that "there is no single solution, but amendments must be introduced to intervene in the housing market so that it is a basic good and is not subject to the ups and downs of speculation".

For Unidas Podemos, Pablo Jiménez highlighted the purchase of housing by foreigners, the "tiny" stock of public housing and the "speculative aggressiveness" of markets. These are all putting the people of the Balearics under great pressure. "The state must be sensitive and consider the social shielding of housing. Private benefit cannot be above the needs of the population."