The building on the Sa Porrassa finca was searched in 2014. | Michel's


One of the prime suspects in the case of Malén Ortiz, the 15-year-old who went missing in 2013, was a Hollywood agent.

A Spaniard in his seventies, he had been living in Los Angeles, but in December 2013, which was when Malén disappeared, he lived in a room in a hotel in Paguera which was closed to the public but rented out rooms during the winter. It would appear that he went every day to the Sa Porrassa finca in Magalluf that is now being searched. The owner of the finca had let him keep books, letters, clothes and souvenirs in a building there.

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He had apparently earned a good deal of money in Hollywood representing various artists. By 2013, though, he was broke and had come to Mallorca in the hope of relaunching his career.

In 2014, he was reported for harassing underage girls near a bus stop in Magalluf. The Guardia Civil put him under investigation and discovered that he had been looking for girls with skateboards for a fashion show that was supposedly going to be staged on La Rambla in Palma; Malén had a skateboard with her at the time of her disappearance. The Guardia pulled him in to take a statement. He was questioned for two days but never officially detained.

He categorically denied having had anything to do with Malén's disappearance. But at the time of his statement, he displayed severe mental problems. He had visions and heard voices and it was later discovered that he suffered from split personality disorder. He eventually went to Malaga, where his condition worsened and he was admitted to a psychiatric centre.