Alcudia residents opposed to the electricity cable with Josep Melià of El Pi. | Juanjo Roig


The action group of Alcudia residents affected by plans for the mainland electricity cable connection have criticised the Balearic coalition government parties for ignoring their requests and for adhering to "party discipline imposed by the Spanish government".

The group (VAAC) is referring specifically to a parliamentary motion raised by three opposition parties - El Pi, the Partido Popular and Ciudadanos - that "the coalition parties do not intend to support".

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Noting that Alcudia town hall has approved the request for a route that does not affect residents, VAAC say that they are "very upset and disappointed with the attitude of President Armengol". "To this day, and after three months, she has not deigned to respond to our request for a meeting."

The El Pi parliamentary spokesperson, Josep Melià, explains that his party has drafted a motion by which parliament is asked to reject the entry of the electricity cable through Pollensa Bay and to urge the Spanish government to instead bring it into Alcudia Bay. This would mean that advantage could be taken of existing infrastructure connecting the port and the substation on the industrial estate by the Es Murterar power station. The "left-wing parties", adds Melià, "have ignored this".