The suspect was flown from Palma to Madrid to appear in court. | National Police


The Spanish Audiencia Nacional (High Court) in Madrid today ordered the incommunicado detention (generally understood as a situation of detention in which an individual is denied access to family members, an attorney, or an independent physician) for the jihadist suspect arrested in Mallorca on Thursday, for his participation in crimes of self-indoctrination and for making terrorist threats.

The individual was arrested in Campos by a special National Police unit from Madrid in cooperation with Palma National Police. He appeared in court this morning.

This investigation began in September last year, when investigators detected a social network profile from which pro-jihadist publications were made. The individual was managing different profiles, in which he had hundreds of followers and was spreading continuous threatening speeches against any type of authority, mainly police and military officials, setting himself up as a jihadist, mujahidin and hitman of Allah.

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The suspect, of Spanish nationality and with radical jihadist beliefs, had no permanent address in Spain, having been detected in recent years in different Spanish provinces and managing criminal profiles on social networks from mobile devices.

At the beginning of this year he travelled to Egypt, where he was arrested by the Egyptian authorities when he tried to travel to Sudan, and was then expelled to Spanish territory.

The threats and pro-Da’esh propaganda that he was sharing on social networks among his numerous followers had multiplied in recent weeks, as had the radical nature of his message, and one of his latest publications, in which he directly incited to commit an attack against police officers, led to his immediate arrest.

After the arrest, along with documentation of interest to the investigation, an electronic device and a knife which, according to the investigators, he always carried, were seized.