Only a fifth of the population is said to use Catalan all the time. | Teresa Ayuga


The Obra Cultural Balear (OCB) was founded in 1962. Among its principal aims are the promotion of Catalan culture and of the Catalan language.

To this end, the OCB is calling for five per cent of annual tourist tax revenue* to be used to alleviate the impact of tourism on language and culture. This is one of 56 proposals announced on Friday that the OCB will be presenting to political parties so that they can take them into account when setting their manifestos for May's elections.

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Defence of the Catalan language, promotion of the culture and greater self-government for the Balearics are the three main axes of these proposals. A key objective, says the OCB, is to promote the social use of the language, which is in a situation of "linguistic emergency".

* Based on the Balearic government's estimate for 2023, five per cent would be around seven million euros.