A fine day for a stroll. | Miquel À. Cañellas


On a warm and sunny Saturday, the first phase of the renewed Parc de la Mar in Palma was officially opened to the public. A pleasant day for a stroll, and a promenade of some 5,000 square metres offered the opportunity.

Palma town hall says that the work will make the park more sustainable and more inclusive. There are, for instance, braille signs for the blind; LED lighting is solar powered.

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Mayor José Hila said: "It has been 35 years since a large investment was made in the Parc de la Mar. It was necessary because the paving had deteriorated and, basically, it needed updating." Pointing to other work being carried out in the city, the mayor added: "We are transforming Palma and we are doing so by taking care of it. We feel proud of our city and we are improving it."

The project for the park was approved by the commission for Palma's historic centre, the design having taken account of the original in preserving certain elements. The whole Parc de la Mar area is 91,356 square metres, of which 25,320 square metres are lake.