Parc de la Mar - the pavement will be totally renewed. | Archive

Palma town hall expects the first phase of renewal work in the Parc de la Mar to start in April and to be completed by the end of the year.

At a Friday presentation, it was announced that the work will cost close to one million euros and cover an area of around 4,500 square metres. The councillor for infrastructure and accessibility, Angélica Pastor, explained that as well as improvement to pavement, there will be renovation of benches, railings and lampposts - the latter will in part be powered by photovoltaic energy. There will be two phases for what will be "very important" work on Palma's seafront.

The head of the infrastructure department, Urbano Sánchez, said that the project has been evaluated by Palma's Historic Centre Commission and has taken into account the original design of the park. Stressing that the pavement has suffered particular deterioration over time, he explained that work during the first phase will involve the renewal of 4,482 square metres of pavement plus 240 metres of railings.

The current sandstone will be replaced by prefabricated brick produced expressly for the Parc de la Mar and which will be consistent with the tones of the Cathedral and the Almudaina Palace. Forty-one new LED streetlights will be installed.