Britons are being spied on this year in Spain. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


The Spanish authorities are said to be “spying” on tourists this year as part of a test scheme.
The data is collected by the Spanish National Institute of Statistics (INE).

It not only allows the Spanish government to know where the tourists come from, but also where they have been and even how long they have been staying.
To calculate the number of tourists, the data of the three largest mobile operators in Spain are being used.

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The Spanish media is critically questioning whether it is about “spying” on tourists. INE has not made a comment apart from the fact that it is an experimental method and far from perfect. It appears to be a useful tool for gauging raw tourist numbers.

This is not always true. For example, if a tourist has two mobile phones, they will be counted as two people in the data.

The opposite can also happen, that is, a foreign tourist who travels without a mobile phone is not detected and therefore does not appear in the numbers.