A beer price war could be brewing. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


The sun is shining in the Balearics while the UK has been issued with a severe weather warning for the Easter holidays, so with Britons booking a sunshine holiday, what is going to be top of their priorities. As always, a good deal is always attractive but under the current economic climate, saving money is going to be a major target as well.

And, while Lanzarote and to a lesser extent the Balearics, appear to have an issue with British holiday makers and their behaviour, it looks like Benidorm has thrown caution to the wind and is welcoming British tourists with open arms.
And, one of the main attractions is the price of beer, a euro, or around 88 pence, a pint!

Now, the Balearics authorities will certainly want to avoid a beer price war. They have already introduced restrictions on the amount of all inclusive clients in Magalluf, the Playa de Palma and Sant Antoni, Ibiza, are entitled to per day - six - while tight restrictions have been introduced regarding the sale of alcohol in supermarkets in these resorts and discount offers on drinks as part of the war against antisocial behaviour.

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Last summer, one of the big stories was “600 beers for breakfast in Mallorca”.
Breakfast in Mallorca took on a new meaning last season when a group of twenty Germans in Playa de Palma spent 1,260 euros on 600, 200-millilitre beers.

Their breakfast began shortly after 10am at the Bamboleo Biergarten bar in Arenal.
And they have became social media stars.
Posts about their exploits flooded in with comments, praising the tourists’ ‘feat’. They were labelled ‘pop stars’, classified as ‘Mallorca AllStars’, while others made it clear they intended to beat their 600 beers for breakfast.

Look out Playa de Palma, the Germans have found a new game to play on holiday never minds the Brits!