The Council of Mallorca is looking beyond just the "saturated" resorts. | Archive


The Council of Mallorca will not grant any new, additional tourist accommodation places anywhere on the island.

The president of the Council, Catalina Cladera, made clear on Friday that the Council intends to go further than eliminating the possibility of new places in saturated tourist resorts, which is what the Balearic Environment Commission called for in a report that was submitted on Thursday.

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Further amendment to the Mallorca territorial plan (PTM) will include this limitation. This is expected to be approved next month, following which a different plan - PIAT for intervention in tourist areas - will be modified and provide greater detail. Cladera said that "we are committed to a model of less volume and more quality, one that is sustainable". This is a path for which "the whole of society" is conscious of the need.

Because of the Balearic government's moratorium on new places (be these for hotels or similar or for holiday rentals), no new places can be granted anyway. This moratorium will be in force until 2026, and island councils will then have to decide what to do with available new places. In Mallorca, these amount to around 13,000. In effect, therefore, the Council is saying that these will not be used - and definitively so.

* As things stand, it is still possible for, say, a new hotel to be created and for it to be granted the required number of places. But this requires the equivalent number being eliminated elsewhere. There is a swap of places, therefore. The moratorium and the planned amendments concern places over and above the existing total number.