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Hipotels Playa de Palma Palace, Mallorca


A "surreal" situation blocking new hotel beds in Palma

The government has a moratorium on new accommodation places, but the town hall is authorising almost a thousand.

Andrew Ede22/10/2022 08:59

Terraferida want a limit to the number of accommodation places.


Tourist accommodation places have increased 37%

Ecologists Terraferida say there are 158,000 more tourist accommodation places in the Balearics than four years ago

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter26/04/2019 17:40

Miquel Ensenyat speaking yesterday.

Holiday rentals

Council of Majorca puts a cap on tourist accommodation

Almost 27% of the accommodation places will be for registered holiday rental properties.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter18/07/2018 00:00

Joan Forteza and others with their "manifesto" against tourist accommodation.

Holiday rentals

Manifesto against more tourist accommodation in Palma

A motion was passed by the town hall in July last year which stated that apartments holiday rentals would not be allowed.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter24/02/2018 00:00