Juan Gayá Salom - from the La Sexta report. | La Sexta

Forty-year-old Juan Gayá Salom is a sports tipster, the best known in Spain. He runs a successful business via social media with thousands of followers (the most in the country) plus a subscription channel. On Tuesday, he was arrested at his luxury property in Santa Eugenia.

It would appear that the National Police have been investigating his activities for several months. The police have not been alone in the investigations. A recent report on the La Sexta television channel is said to have sped up the police operation, a nationwide investigation into alleged money laundering and match fixing.

The police are understood to be studying his degree of involvement in a criminal network that allegedly rigs international, national and regional football matches. Members of the network are said to bet on Chinese, Chilean and European matches as well as ones in Spain. Sources close to the case have apparently uncovered betting on matches in the Balearics that were of little general interest.

He was released on charges on Tuesday evening.