The Guardia Civil found him on Son Matias beach. (Archive image.) | Michel's


The 29-year-old Briton who drove into two people in Magalluf on Thursday morning has been released by a Palma court.

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The Guardia Civil arrested him following the incident which happened shortly after 4am on the corner of Calle Pinada and Calle Cala Blanca by the Prince William pub. It was believed that he had deliberately run over the couple, as they had been involved in an argument and a fight with him. However, it has been established that these two people - a 19-year-old British man and a 20-year-old Polish woman - had nothing to do with this argument. They were not seriously injured and were discharged from hospital later on Thursday.

The arrested man told the court that he had no involvement with the fight but that he was sprayed in the face. He left the bar and went to his hire car. He was looking for his girlfriend when he drove into the couple, maintaining that he couldn't see properly because of the effects of the spray.