Queuing on Friday for arrivals. | Youtube Última Hora

It's becoming a common occurrence and it was especially evident on Friday - the queuing of cars to get to arrivals at Palma Son Sant Joan Airport and pick up family or friends.

A taxi driver, Xisco Sánchez, explains that drivers wait in one of the two access lanes to the airport, which can mean that cars are backing up on the highway. They do this rather than having to pay the fee for the car park after the first fifteen minutes (which are free)

"One of these days there's going to be an accident." In his twelve years as a taxi driver in Palma, he's never seen anything like it.

"As they don't know exactly when people will arrive, they park outside and occupy the bend. Taxis have to zigzag to enter the airport, avoiding cars that have stopped. I saw a bus the other day that had to get on the hard shoulder in order to get by, as there were so many cars." He says that this usually happens in the late afternoon but is becoming more frequent. He fears that the problem will increase with the start of the tourism season.