Watch the prices when getting a round in. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


The price of beer has risen by 16% in the last year in Spain, according to the ‘app’ Tiendeo, which is going to push the price of a holiday in the Balearics up if you fancy a cold one or two - or more.

And, for people staying in all inclusive hotels in Magalluf, the Playa de Palma or Sant Antioni in Ibiza, they may find they will get stung as well as everyone else because under the Balearic Law of Excesses, they are only allowed six alcoholic drinks per day with meals - so slinking out of the hotel for a few drinks is going to cost a little extra than expected.

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However, some resorts are engaged in a ‘beer battle’ and it appears that Benidorm is the big winner with pints on offer for a euro.

During the Coronation, one Spanish TV channels sent their correspondent into the crowds enjoying the picnics in London. They asked one chap where King Charles should visit in Spain.
Benidorm was the answer and why? Because a pint is only a euro, the Spanish TV channel was told.