A study conducted by researchers at UK conveyancing solicitors, Bird & Co, has identified the European countries most frequently searched on Google by UK residents looking to relocate overseas, with Spain topping the charts.

For some time, UK citizens have been experiencing mounting pressure and economic uncertainty caused by the continuous surge in house prices and the cost-of-living crisis. As a result, and according to Bird & Co’s research, it appears that a number of individuals are contemplating moving abroad, perhaps in search of a more attractive and financially comfortable lifestyle.

Solicitors at Bird & Co analysed Google search data from residents in the UK, using the search terms "moving to [country name] from UK" for all 44 European countries. The data showed the estimated average volume of monthly searches over the past 12 months, revealing the areas of most interest to UK citizens.

The top ten most searched countries, with the estimated average volume of monthly searches over the last 12 months, were:

  • Spain - 1,600

  • Ireland & Portugal - 800

  • France - 700

  • Germany - 500

  • Switzerland - 450

  • Norway - 400

  • Italy & Greece - 350

  • Netherlands – 300

Partner and Head of Property at Bird & Co, Daniel Chard, said of the research:

“As per the recent findings, Spain has emerged as the most searched country by UK residents looking to relocate overseas. The ongoing cost-of-living crisis in the UK, coupled with Spain's more affordable standard of living, could be the reason behind this trend.

“Spain's economic stability and housing market can be a safer investment for prospective homeowners, especially considering the UK's discouraging mortgage rates. Additionally, the warmer climate there makes it an appealing location for those seeking to relocate.

“Ireland and Portugal are also emerging as popular destinations, with relatively simple immigration and residency options. Since, the UK’s departure from the European Union, some individuals may be exploring new relocation options.

“Ireland's status as an EU member state, and its close cultural and historical ties with the UK, may make it an attractive alternative place to live. What’s more, while Ireland has its own language and unique cultural identity, the fact that English is the universally spoken language might make it a popular and feasible relocation destination for some UK residents wishing to relocate.