One of the two cars.

On Friday, Customs agents from the Tax Agency, accompanied by Palma police officers, went to the Real Mallorca Antonio Asensio sports complex and impounded cars belonging to two players - Dominik Greif and Martin Valjent.

Around a month ago, Customs became aware that three cars belonging to Real Mallorca players didn't have Spanish plates. Given the time that these players had been resident, the cars should have been re-registered and the relevant registration tax paid. Agents went to the sports complex and informed the three players that they had five days - the legal period - to correct the situation. One of the three (unnamed) did; Greif and Valjent did not, and their cars still had Slovakian plates.

When the two players appeared on Friday, the agents told them that they were going to impound the cars because of a registration violation. It is understood that the players initially refused to let the tow truck take their cars away, but the agents warned them that they would be hindering an investigation and reminded them that police officers were present.

As well as the registration procedure, the players face a fine which can range between 50% and 150% of the registration tax they have to pay.