Mercadona's matt nail polish is revolutionising the world of manicure with its high quality. | Jill Wellington


In the universe of beauty, little things can make a big difference, and one of them is, without a doubt, nail polish. Today, we're talking about a product that is taking manicure lovers by storm: Mercadona's matte nail polish, a high-quality cosmetic that costs 2.50 euros each and is making waves. The well-known Spanish supermarket chain is famous for its high-quality beauty products at very competitive prices. And their nail polish is an excellent example of this. This product has become the new object of desire for those who are looking for a sophisticated and modern finish on their hands.

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In addition, it offers a wide range of shades, from the most daring to the most subtle and neutral, allowing each person to find the colour that best suits their style and personality. Coral, fuchsia, pink, off-white and turquoise are the colours available. Its long-lasting formula guarantees an impeccable and resistant finish, which makes it the ideal choice for those who are looking for a nail polish that lasts intact on their hands despite daily activities.

But what is really making this polish stand out among the public is its matte finish. This Mercadona trend, which has become very popular in recent years, gives a sophisticated and modern look to the nails, providing a touch of elegance and distinction. The matte effect gives the nails a healthier and more cared for appearance, as well as being very versatile as it combines with any style of dress. Another outstanding feature is its easy application. Its brush allows a smooth and even glide over the nails, achieving a professional finish in the comfort of your home. This, together with its fast drying time, makes it a very practical and efficient option.