German police officer on the beat. | Alejandro Sepúlveda


Over the summer, twelve German police officers will have stints in Palma. Working with the National Police, they will be on hand to assist tourists and, for example, to watch out for pickpockets.

The first of these officers, Robin and Belena, are currently on the streets - in Playa de Palma for the most part. Belena says that tourists can be surprised to find that there are German police, "but in general they are happy with our presence". Robin feels that it is an interesting experience to find out how other police forces work.

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The head of the National Police's citizen security brigade, Javier Martín, says that the work of German officers who come to Mallorca each year is very important. "They help greatly with the language barrier."

Foreign police in the summer have become common in Mallorca over the years. There was an experiment with British officers in Magalluf and Ibiza a few years ago.