There is much criticism of the pump track. | Fernando Fernández


So much for the fanfare - the "revolutionary" pump track coming to Mallorca is, say experts, badly designed and dangerous.

Typical of response to the announcement of the pump track in Palmanyola have been observations on Enduro Downhill Mallorca's social pages. "It is badly designed from start to finish ... A disaster, the track is useless for nothing other than hurting you."

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Nico Alemany, who proposed this type of track to Andratx town hall in 2013, agrees that it is dangerous. Yaroslav Alpízar was one of many who commented on Tuesday. In his view, the only way to save it will be to redo it. He made his opinion clear on the Bulletin website: "Sadly it has been a total waste of significant public money, from all our taxes. One of the worst pump tracks I've seen in Spain. It has been built without any clue of what needs to be done."

The local authority in this instance is the Palmanyola Minor Local Entity (which is like a town hall within a town hall, Bunyola). Arnau Llinàs is not quite a mayor but he is similar. He has expressed some surprise at the criticism but adds that he is open to listen to those who are pointing out the flaws. "There is still time to fix it, as the work has a guarantee period with the construction company."

The track is closed to the public. There is a legal process to clear before it can open.