The new President of the Balearics Marga Prohens. | Pere Bota


Marga Prohens is the new President of the Balearic government, the seventh since June 1983, when the first government in the Balearics’ autonomous history was formed, and the second woman to hold the post.

It has not been an easy road. The Conservative Partido Popular candidate achieved it in a second vote, with the vote in favour of her 25 MPs and the deputy of Sa Unió de Formentera, the abstention of the 8 of Vox and 25 votes against from the rest of the parties that make up the opposition.

She will govern for the next four years in a minority, after reaching a series of prior agreements with the Vox party led by Santiago Abascal.

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Marga Prohens was unable to be sworn in as president of the Balearic Government after the first vote on Tuesday, in which the PP candidate did not obtain an absolute majority.

After Tuesday’s long debate, Prohens obtained 26 votes in favour, with 25 against and 8 abstentions, with Vox leading the way. The same result as this Thursday.

Prohens announced on Monday in her speech that the first measure of her Government will be “a tax reform that will benefit 80% of taxpayers”, which will begin with the elimination of inheritance and gift tax.

The president has not tired of repeating that she is not afraid of governing in a minority, but she made it clear from the outset that she is counting on Vox.