The security guard in action. | TikTok


A video of a security guard, who has since been dubbed the sheriff of Magalluf reading a group of British tourists the riot act as they party into the early hours in a Magalluf hotel room has gone viral.

In the clip that has been shared on Twitter, a security worker bursts into the room of the Punta Ballena establishment to tell a group of British tourists off for partying, making a noise and keeping people awake in the early hours of the morning, in fact it was already daylight.

The security guard’s actions have been widely applauded online, in fact, he has already been dubbed the “sheriff of Magalluf” among internet users.

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The guard, after entering the room where there were seven young people inside, proceeded to call them to attention after complaints from clients about the noise from guests who could not get to sleep.

“At three o’clock, four o’clock, five o’clock, families with children were calling reception saying they couldn’t sleep,” he said.

What has also caught peoples’ eyes on social media is his mixture of Spanish and English .
The security guard read the riot act in Spanglish.

“In the morning in the wowww. Perfecto, perfecto my friend. Muy bien, OK. Seven in the morning, families and babies sleeping. In telephon the reception”, he told them as some apologised.