Juan Sendin speaking at Thursday's council meeting.

At the end of the Thursday council meeting in Alcudia, the second deputy mayor and councillor for the police, Juan Sendin of Vox, wished to apologise for his "unfortunate words" during the council session.

A former mayor, Bárbara Rebassa of PSOE, had raised concern about the reporting of a police incident on social media which specified that a person detained was black. Rebassa noted that a Caucasian would not have been identified, and another councillor, Toni Cifre of Més, observed that until now the race of offenders had not been defined in these reports.

Sendin wanted to know what problem there was in stating that a black man or a "Moor" had been arrested. "Why do we have to cover up those who are raping?" Apart from Rebassa responding by saying "excuse me", councillors remained silent while Sendin continued by observing: "You talk so much about gender violence, but if you saw what countries they were from, I don't know what you would think later. I am not racist, I have many 'Moorish' and black friends, but I invite you to come one weekend so you can see which groups are the ones who commit crimes."

The mayor, Fina Linares (Partido Popular), finally interrupted him: "There are ways and means of saying things."

Another former mayor, Domingo Bonnín of El Pi, said that Sendin's remarks were "totally out of place". The few council sessions there have been since the new administration took office "have been enough to see what they (Vox) are like".