Kathleen Bendelack, who hopes to be able to stage productions in English. | Click

Kathleen Bendelack is British, has lived in Palma for 30 years, is married to a Mallorcan and is the mother of two children of secondary school age. She is an actress, director, screenwriter, author and illustrator, and she would like to be able to stage productions in English in public theatres in Mallorca. But she has been unable to.

She explains that under the former coalition administrations of PSOE, Més and Podemos, it wasn't possible. "They only accepted proposals in Catalan."

In the year before the pandemic, there was a meeting with the board of Palma's Teatre Principal. "A group of actors wanted to perform Hamlet in English. The answer was no. At the Principal, theatre was only in Catalan." Moreover, she was unable to take theatre projects in English and Spanish to schools.

"But now, with the change of administrations, I have requested it. I sent a letter last week to the Council of Mallorca, explaining who I am and what I intend. I haven't yet received a response, but I hope, unlike those who were there before, they will allow me."

Kathleen adds that she had two specific projects - one for children, one for adults. "I hope things have changed. I also hope that they understand that on the island there is a large English-speaking population, and also German, with the right, at least a few times a year, to be able to go to the theatre to see a play in their language. Moreover, it would be very good in summer, given the number of Germans and British who come to the island, if there was theatre in German and English. It could be a promotion. Even in winter - spend a weekend in Mallorca, have fun, visit the Charterhouse (in Valldemossa), have dinner, go for drinks, go to the theatre ... . And why not?"

* The Teatre Principal in Palma is publicly owned. Municipalities across Mallorca have their public theatres. A venue which is not in public ownership is Palma Auditorium, where have been productions in English.