Salvem Portocolom has registered a complaint against a 4x4 vehicle company for allowing their cars to circulate and park in the protected area of s'Algar.

The events took place last Sunday, September 10, when four buggies entered and drove through the natural area and even parked off the road "on a rocky area of high ecological and landscape value, which until then had been well preserved". Some people who were there at the time of the incident were able to identify and photograph the number plates, which enabled the complaint to be formalised.

It specifies that the vehicles "emitted excessive noise, raised dust and disturbed people who were on the shore or in the water in peace and quiet".

The environmental group is asking for a sanction for serious misconduct for these acts. The fine could be between 1,000 and 100,000 euros.

In addition, Salvem Portocolom also asks the Town Council to draw up a municipal ordinance to prevent access of these types of vehicles to unpaved roads and forest areas and to promote a regional regulation to regulate this whole conflict because they believe that "when a municipality takes an ordinance, adventure companies move to neighboring municipalities, extending the problem even further", so that joint action is needed.

Salvem Portocolom has been calling for the closure of the s'Algar road for twenty years, one of the most emblematic natural areas of the coastal town, whose degradation "has been accentuated in recent years due to the commercialisation of adventure excursions with these vehicles".

It is worth remembering that the Felantix Town Council announced last month that it is working on a new ordinance to regulate the proper use of public roads, both on rural land and in protected areas.