Efforts to find the owner have been unsuccessful. | Guillem Crespi

The Harbour Master's Office in Palma has prohibited all access to the boat that sank in the Bay of Pollensa on June 16.

The Annette Rosenkilde was a Danish fishing boat flying the British flag that had been converted into a tourist excursions boat. After it sank, efforts were made to locate the owner. These were unsuccessful and so no one has taken responsibility. Given the risks it posed, an anti-pollution barrier was installed. On August 17, it was reported that the barrier had been broken. The Maritime Safety Agency subsequently replaced it.

On August 22, the Guardia Civil warned that people were going to the boat and diving. The Harbour Master's Office has responded to this by making clear that no one should access the boat (unless authorised to do so) and that there can be a fine of up to 120,000 euros.

Videos and photos of divers entering the boat have appeared on social media over the summer. Most of these have now been deleted.

It is still uncertain as to who will be in charge of removing the boat. It was decided that this should wait until the end of the tourism season when the bay is less busy. Inspections have confirmed that it is in a poor condition and that there is a danger that it might break up when moved, which could lead to spills.