National and Palma Police accompanied the demolition workers. | Alejandro Sepúlveda


Earlier this week, National and Palma Police turned up in force at the Son Banya shanty town. They were accompanying workers from a company due to carry out the demolition of seven of the dwellings.

Occupants of these properties had moved out. But as the police were to discover, they weren't empty. When the police arrived, a number of individuals ran off and left the shanty town. It would appear that they had been taken by surprise. They hadn't been aware of the date for the demolitions.

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The police initially believed that they must have thought that there was a raid. But on examining the interiors of the seven shanties, it became clear why they had fled. Large quantities of heroin, cocaine, marijuana and designer drugs had been stashed away, along with thousands of euros.

The demolitions were halted and the National Police's drugs squad was called in.