Discounted fares will be available. | Melike Yasaroglu


Palma's mobility councillor, Antonio Deudero, had already announced that EMT buses would no longer be free in 2024, and he has now repeated this.

The town hall has therefore launched a campaign to update citizen cards, which from now on will be essential to get discounted rates. The fares, says Deudero, will be the same as they were in 2019 and 2020. He accepts that doing away with free travel will lead to a decrease in the number of passengers.

From January 1, as examples, a single ticket will cost two euros. For residents with a citizen card this will be 0.80 euros. For the airport service, a single ticket will cost five euros and a return ticket eight euros. Residents with a citizen card will pay one euro.

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Deudero has confirmed that the Balearic government has received 18 million euros from the Spanish government for free public transport, of which 16 million are for EMT buses. "This is what it has cost EMT for carrying out work without pay. Since we do not have confirmation that free public transport will continue next year, we have to act to be ready to charge as of January 1."

When he first announced in September that the bus service wouldn't be free in 2024, Deudero suggested that this would be regardless of any further subsidy from the Spanish government. However, from what he is now saying, it would appear that he is still open to the possibility.

The Balearic government has not ruled out there being free transport in 2024 for interurban buses, trains and the Metro. At present, though, funding from the Spanish government is still up in the air.