Councillor Azahara Machado and horse-carriage drivers in Valencia.


Guillermo Amengual, president of the Progreso en Verde animal-rights party, said on Tuesday that Alcudia is very close to "making history" in Spain.

"It will be the first municipality in the country to put an end to the suffering of carriage horses by replacing them with electric buggies. After years of social pressure and complaints, and thanks to the commitment and good work of the Unió per Alcudia councillor, Azahara Machado, the end of the exploitation of horses is closer than ever.

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"We want to thank the entire government team and the opposition for their vote in favour and move in the direction of a society more empathetic towards animals."

At Tuesday's council meeting there was unanimous approval for bylaw amendment to allow electric carriages. In the motion presented to the meeting, it was stated that the change to electric carriages has been demanded by animal-rights activists and by horse-carriage drivers themselves (the carriage drivers will pay for the replacements). The change, moreover, has been demanded by residents and by tourists.

It is hoped that the first electric carriages will be on the streets and roads of Alcudia before the end of the 2024 tourism season. Councillor Machado and carriage drivers were recently in Valencia to see a prototype that will be used in Alcudia.