The HOV lane is also referred to as a bus lane, but it is for other vehicles. | Jaume Morey


The traffic directorate (DGT) has now responded to a Council of Mallorca request to eliminate the HOV (high-occupancy vehicle) lane in Palma. The DGT wants to keep the lane but for it to only be operational during the morning rush hour.

The councillor for mobility, Fernando Rubio, says that the DGT's final decision won't be given until January and that there is still time for meetings to further address the matter. In his opinion, the fact that the directorate only sees a use for the lane during the rush hour indicates that it recognises that the lane has been a "failure".

Rubio is against this proposal. Council technicians have presented reports pointing to the lane being underused, which has led to an increase in accidents on this section of the motorway from the airport.

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Catalina Cladera, who was the PSOE president of the Council when the lane was introduced, believes that the DGT is endorsing the lane's usefulness. She adds that her administration had always been open to any changes to the lane, which is what the directorate is now proposing.

"We cannot believe that President Llorenç Galmés (of the Partido Popular) is insisting on applying his electoral measure no matter what, as if he were a little child."

Cladera argues that the taxi and transport sectors and many public transport users support the lane.