Edwin Weindorfer of the Mallorca Country Club and Elisabeth Muhr at the launch. Photo: Joan Llado. | Joan Llado


Beyonce never travels without it! In fact, she bought hundreds of bottles for her world tour. Hallstein artesian water has arrived in Mallorca and is available from the Mallorca Country Club. According to their website, it is bottled directly from their aquifer 700 ft (214 m) below the earth's surface at the base of Austria's Dachstein mountain, it is completely untreated and uncompromised making it the purest drinking water on earth.

Elisabeth Muhr, who founded the company alongside her husband and children, was in Santa Ponsa this morning for the launch.

The Muhrs enlisted the help of water experts, scientists, doctors and nutritionists to find the standard for the highest quality water. From their research they were able to establish eight core parameters and four secondary parameters for defining the ultimate drinking water quality – including levels of pH, sodium, nitrates and oxygen – which they’ve termed the Hallstein Octagon.

Using these criteria, the family tasked scientists with testing water from a large number of sources under laboratory conditions. Five years after the family’s initial conversation, they received independent reports from American universities and an oil and gas exploration companies whose services they’d enlisted which suggested the location of a deep, protected artesian well. Each of them pointed to a very small area, not in North or South America as the Muhrs had expected, but in the family’s homeland of Austria.

The family started selling Hallstein Water in 2017 to high-end clients, using a subscription model. “A client can redirect their subscription to their second home or their health spa.”