ITV´s huge successful dating programme, Love Island, which is filmed on the island during the summer has helped lead to a surge in holiday bookings to Mallorca, according to a poll by Expedia. While Mamma Mia led to a 10 percent increase in holiday to sales to Greece, Love Island also put Mallorca on the map with a six percent increase in bookings.

The survey reveals that there is a direct link between popular TV shows and where they are filmed and holiday bookings. Sex and the City has done wonders for New York (6.7 percent increase in bookings) and Game of Thrones has done the same for Croatia (5.5 percent increase).

London, Bath and Windsor have done well as a result of The Crown, according to the survey, although there is no mention of Mallorca eventhough sizeable parts of Series 5 and 6 were filmed on the island. However, it must be said that the island was playing the part of the South of France. Even Korea, inpsired by the Squid Game, has done well.

Love Island is filmed at a villa on the island during the summer months and has enjoyed record viewing figures.

The new series of the s Mallorca Files which is set to launch later this year is also expected to help bookings to the island.