Property increase in sales.


New data from the UK-based international property portal Kyero has shown a significant increase in the number of British buyers house hunting in France following the country’s recent decision to relax Brexit residency rules. France has eased the 90 day rule, a move which may British home buyers are hoping Spain will follow.

In the three weeks immediately after the announcement (21st December 2023 – 10th January 2024), a 582% increase in Brits making enquiries on French properties was recorded on the site, which has over 900,000 properties for sale across Europe.

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Louise Dell, Kyero Co-Founder, comments: “Significant pent-up demand has developed in the international market amongst British buyers whilst people have been awaiting news of potential changes to residency rules, and it seems that the floodgates are now opening.

“With Spain also pushing for similar changes, we anticipate that 2024 could be a significant year for international property transactions.”