The six were arrested in Playa de Palma. | Policia Nacional


Two prisoners who were in a cell at the courts in Palma needed medical treatment for injuries sustained after they had got into a fight.

The two - one Algerian, the other French - had been transferred from Palma prison on Thursday morning for trial. Four others were waiting in the cells. All members of a gang that stole luxury watches, the fight was apparently to do with agreeing sentencing; one was in favour, the other was not.

The six accused, including one woman, committed robbery with violence in attacking four people in Palma between March 17 and April 28 last year and stealing watches with a total value of 170,000 euros.

The final robbery was from a woman in the Paseo Mallorca underground car park - a gold Rolex valued at 50,000 euros. The six, who were assigned different roles - choosing potential targets, keeping watch or actually committing the robberies - were arrested at a Playa de Palma hotel soon after the April 28 robbery.

The trial has been suspended, as defence lawyers were unable to arrive at an agreement with the prosecution. The two men involved in the fight had the same lawyer. One of the two now needs to find another representative; the lawyer quit because of the fight.