The National Police are investigating the assault. | Alejandro Sepúlveda


The National Police in Palma are investigating the beating-up of the tenant of an apartment in Santa Catalina by six men, one of them the owner.

On Monday, the tenant, aged 46, needed to go to Son Espases Hospital because of various injuries he had suffered in the assault, the background to which was the owner's wish to end the rental agreement so that he could let the property out to tourists. (In Palma, the tourist letting of apartments is prohibited.)

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The contract was till 2027. When the owner advised the tenant, he said that he would look for alternative accommodation. On February 4, the two met in a bar and a deadline was agreed - the end of May.

Following this meeting, the tenant received calls and messages insisting that he sign the rental contract termination agreement. If he did not, the lock to the apartment would be changed. The tenant himself changed the lock on February 9, as the owner had twice entered without permission.

Around 6pm on Monday, the owner and five others turned up and started banging on the door. They forced their way in, while the tenant sought refuge on the balcony and was able to notify 091, the National Police emergency number. According to his version of events, while he was being beaten up, the men shouted that he had to sign.