The message in the bottle. | Dario Grande


Dario Grande lives in Bacoli around 15 kilometres from Naples in the Campania region of Italy. He has taken to Instagram to explain that he found a message in a bottle. It had been sent by an eleven-year-old German boy called Tillmann. It had come from Mallorca.

The date on the message shows 13.11, but the year has been erased. That day in November, whatever the year, was a "beautiful sunny day". This is what Tillmann wrote at the start of his letter. "I'm sending this message in a bottle on a trip and I'm very curious to see who will find it."

German boy's message in a bottle from Mallorca

Well, Dario found it. On Instagram, he addresses Tillmann. "Your message is the most beautiful thing that has happened to me in recent times.

"Today is a grey and rainy day here. There is a strong sirocco with very high waves. But sometimes storms carry hopeful messages that defy the sea to reach those seeking answers."

He concludes: "Tomorrow morning, I will send a message using your bottle, hoping it reaches a dreamer like us. I hope to find you one day in Mallorca. I will definitely go and look for you."