The restaurant was closed for two months after the outbreak. | Laura Becerra


The manager of the Dragon Sushi restaurant in Palma at the centre of a salmonella food poisoning outbreak in August 2019 has been given a one-year sentence, suspended for three years.

In court on Tuesday, he admitted that sanitary conditions at the restaurant had been poor and had caused the food poisoning. The health service identified around a hundred people who had been affected. The restaurant was closed and a series of inspections carried out. These were for the treatment and conservation of food; fish was the main element of the restaurant's menu. In the end, the Prosecutor's Office presented compensation claims on behalf of 29 people.

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The restaurant remained closed for two months. Located on C. Blanquerna, it quickly regained its popularity. There have been no further incidents.

The suspended sentence is subject to the payment of compensation amounting to 33,000 euros. Almost half of this has already been paid by the restaurant's insurers. The sentence applied to both the manager and the restaurant company. He has been disqualified for managing a restaurant for eight years.