It is a case of more red tape and although it is not a legal requirement it can save time and heartache at immigration. A document is now available from police which allows you to officially invite someone to visit. It is basically aimed at those people who are not travelling with a tour company or have a hotel or holiday apartment reservation. Most travellers have dismissed this latest document as another case of more red tape to travel to Spain.

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For non-resident Britons it is another document on top of the 90 day rule which means that non-European Union citizens can only spends 180 days a year in Spain (in two blocks of two, non-residents).

These are the documents you will need to take to the police station to get the document.

  1. A copy of a valid passport or identity card.
  2. Proof of legal status in Spain (e.g. residence permit).
  3. Proof of sufficient financial resources to cover the guest's expenses during their stay in Spain.
  4. Details of the guest, including full name, date of birth, nationality and passport number.
  5. Details of the relationship between the guest and the host, as well as the purpose of the visit and the duration of the stay.
  6. An address where the guest will be staying during their stay in Spain.