A switch to tuk-tuks in Playa de Muro is planned for this summer. | Archive


Muro town hall is to create specific regulations in respect of horse-drawn carriages used in Playa de Muro as a prior step to replacing these services with electric vehicles.

Some weeks ago, Muro announced the introduction of electric tuk-tuks, but the town hall has had to draft these regulations as there has never been an administrative relationship to protect the carriages.

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The mayor, Miquel Porquer, explains: "We want to avoid having legal problems when putting out to tender the concessions to operate tuk-tuks. The regulations will envisage that drivers can switch to electric vehicles, whether they are tuk-tuks or electric buggies as in Alcudia.

"We are determined to make the transition to electric vehicles this summer, but the carriages have been operating in Playa de Muro for so many years that there may be certain acquired rights. We do not want to take risks when we decide to eliminate the horse carriages."

The town hall's 2024 budget includes a revenue item of 320,000 euros for the granting of eight tuk-tuk licences. The aim is to increase the number of concessions in the coming years to a total of 15. It is expected that concessions will be for up to 30 years.