The building is reported to be unstable. | Alejandro Sepúlveda


Twenty-nine residents of three buildings in El Terreno (Palma) have been prohibited from returning home following the collapse of one of the three on Monday afternoon.

Palma town hall's municipal architect and Palma firefighters carried out inspections on Tuesday. These have led to the architect issuing a ban on the use of all three buildings.

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The reports refers to the unstable condition of the house where the roof fell in and caused an interior collapse - C. Polvorín 7 - and to the possibility of further collapse which could affect the other buildings (C. Polvorín 9 and C. Robert Graves 94).

There's no indication when residents will be able to return, the report also mentioning possible demolition.

The residents are either staying with friends or family or are being housed in shelters and hostels. Town hall social services have denied that there is a deadline of Sunday for those people who are in shelters and hostels.