Manacor and National Police went to the scene after the body was found. | MDB


Domingo Vidal, the 59-year-old whose charred body was found at the one-time Cova des Pirata club in Porto Cristo on Tuesday, had been arrested a fortnight earlier for posting intimate photos of his ex-partner on a WhatsApp group.

As soon as the woman had become aware of the images, she filed a complaint with the National Police in Manacor, who then proceeded to arrest him.

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The autopsy has concluded that Domingo Vidal died from smoke inhalation. The police found a lighter on the bed where his body was discovered and have themselves concluded that he had been smoking before falling asleep.

In 1998, he was sentenced to eighteen years for his part in the murder of Maria Nicolau in Cala Ratjada in 1996. She had been burned alive.