The Guardia Civil carried out a reconstruction on Friday. | Michel's


On Friday, the Guardia Civil carried out a reconstruction of events that resulted in the tragic death of a four-year-old boy in Magalluf on Thursday.

Investigators have established that the boy and his seventeen-year-old aunt both fell asleep on a sofa in the living room. They believe that the boy woke up, went onto the balcony and climbed into the dryer with the intention of giving his aunt a surprise. The dryer door closed and he suffocated.

The boy didn't have school on Thursday, so he was in the care of his grandmother and aunt. The grandmother had gone out for a while. It was during this time that the aunt and the boy fell asleep and the subsequent tragedy occurred.

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It is understood that the report that will be handed to a court in Palma will conclude that this was an unfortunate accident and that there was no type of recklessness or carelessness, specifically on the part of the aunt.

Balcony in Magalluf, Mallorca
The apartment balcony. Photo: Michel's.

The dryer was examined by investigators. There has as yet been no confirmation as to the type of machine or how the door closed.

All family members are receiving close psychological support.