Photo taken on Friday on the Ramblas. | Progreso en Verde


The animal rights party Progreso en Verde has raised concerns over the violation of regulations governing the use of horse carriages in Palma. They have pointed out an incident involving a carriage driver who, on Friday, carried six passengers, one of whom was seated with the driver in the front seat.

As per the organisation's statement, accompanied by photographic evidence of the infractions, the rules stipulate a maximum of five passengers per carriage and prohibit drivers from having a passenger seated with them in the front seat. Progreso en Verde alleged that these violations occurred shortly after midday on Friday along the Ramblas.

The president of the animal rights party criticised the excessive leniency, stating, "We are tired of so much permissiveness." He expressed frustration over the Town Hall's failure to revoke licenses despite evident non-compliance and horse mistreatment.

"The carriage drivers laugh at everyone," he lamented. He also assured that the stable in Sa Indioteria, reported for having horses in poor conditions, remains the same despite its owner having the carriage immobilised. In fact, Amengual has stated that the owner has bought another horse "to be able to exploit it soon" despite the files and complaints against him.


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