Businesses thankful for the Easter police, but what will the situation be like in summer? | Teresa Ayuga


Businesses in Playa de Palma, normally critical of security arrangements, have thanked the town hall for a police reinforcement over Easter.

"For the first time in history they have listened to us and brought forward the police reinforcement to March," says the president of the Palma Beach association, Juan Miguel Ferrer.

In this regard, the Easter holidays "have been different to other years". Ferrer adds that arrangements reflect an understanding of needs and offer "a pleasant and safe experience for the quality tourism that we so need".

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While the policing has satisfied businesses, the level of business has not. It's not been anything special, partly because of poor weather. Potential last-minute bookings have been deterred for this reason.

Ferrer also points to the flights. "The number of flights has been insufficient to meet expectations, despite businesses' efforts to start the season with a quality hotel and complementary offer."

It is perhaps curious that businesses seem to have been caught on the hop by the lower number of international flights than last Easter, when they should know that airlines are still on winter schedules until the end of March, regardless of when Easter falls each year.