Bullfight for Muro's Sant Joan Fiestas in 2016. | Pilar Pellicer


Muro town hall, which owns 'La Monumental' bullring, is to put the management of the arena out to tender.

A financial feasibility study undertaken by the town hall is currently open to public consultation. This will form the basis of the bidding process and states that the concession will be for the staging of bullfights as well as for other activities. There would need to be "special emphasis" on the bullfight for the Sant Joan Fiestas in June.

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There hasn't been a bullfight in Muro since 2017.

Some years ago, the town hall declared Muro a bullfighting municipality. This was at a time when other town halls were issuing declarations opposed to bullfighting. But Muro was one of only five municipalities with a bullring.

Of the five, Inca and Palma are privately owned. Alcudia owns its bullring, the current town hall administration having stated that it does not intend bringing back bullfighting. The Felanitx arena has been abandoned for years.