Five of the motorhome 'residents' of Son Güells. | Pilar Pellicer


Son Güells in Palma is where one of the unofficial settlements of motorhomes has been established. There are around forty vehicles on a site without facilities for this type of living. And for the people who live in the motorhomes, life is going to get harder. Mayor Jaime Martínez has vowed to solve the problem of these settlements. The principal solution is fines - up to 1,500 euros.

Nina is one of the 'residents'. "We're not here for tourism reasons. It's not for pleasure, but because we don't have anywhere else to live." She can't afford to rent in the city. As to the threat of fines: "I'm not going to be able to pay them. I'm going to declare myself insolvent and go and sleep at the town hall."

Javier's pension doesn't enable him to rent a place: "We're paying the consequences of a political problem. We had to come to live here because of the price of housing. But we are the beginning. For future generations it will only get worse. The mayor wants to sweep the problem under the carpet and do nothing."

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Diego reckons that provisions of the new bylaw are pretty pointless anyway. "People living in motorhomes will move the vehicles from time to time to avoid the fines, but this doesn't solve the problem."

They are calling on the town hall to create spaces to park or to at least not prosecute them in the manner envisaged in the civic ordinance. They also point out there can be issues with registering as a resident with the town hall - being on the 'padrón'.

On this, one of the opposition parties, Més, will be presenting a motion at the next council meeting in demanding that the town hall complies with registration regulations and allows people who live in motorhomes to register. "The town hall is obliged to register everyone, whether in a rental home, in a caravan or a homeless person," says spokesperson Neus Truyol.