The Honda jet owned by Cruise.


"Hello Palma airport control this is Hondajet from Biggin Hill, am I cleared for landing." This could I have been the conversation Tom Cruise had with Palma airport as he started his descent to Palma airport on Friday afternoon. The Top Gun star was at the control of his 7-million dollar Hondajet, one of four planes the actor owns.

Thanksfully for the air traffic controllers at Palma airport, there was no buzzing the tower, "Maverick-style" and the Mission Impossible star brought his aircraft into land with skill and the headed for the private jet terminal. Staff must have been amazed to see the Top-Gun star descend from the aircraft. Tom Cruise learnt to fly shortly before making his first Top Gun film and he is now considered to be an ace-pilot.

He had come to Palma to scout for possible movie locations with Mexican film director, Alejandro Gonzalez Iñarritu. The two then headed to Alcudia marina where they boarded a sailing yacht for a weekend of cruising around the north of the island.

If Tom Cruise made a movie on Mallorca it would be the icing on the cake for the local film industry. It would also put the island firmly on the map as a movie shoot location venue. After spending the weekend it was then back to Palma and his beloved Hondajet.

Biggin Hill, where Tom Cruise flew from, his a former Battle of Britain fighter base which has now been transformed into a private jet centre. Tom Cruise spends a lot of time filming in Britain which has now become his second home.