The Judicial Police are in charge of the case. (Archive image.) | MDB


A Spanish man, the manager of a bar in S'Illot (Sant Llorenç), was arrested by the Guardia Civil on Friday, accused of the rape of a 19-year-old British tourist.

She had gone to the bar where she was invited to have drinks by the manager. At one point she felt unwell. He and two others took her to a storeroom where he proposed that they had sex. She refused and managed to push the door open. Once on the street, she was pursued and taken to a secluded spot, which was where the alleged rape took place. The two other men witnessed the assault and did nothing to prevent it. They are currently being sought by the Guardia Civil.

The woman returned to her hotel - it was gone 4am - and told reception what had happened. The Guardia Civil's Judicial Police took charge of the case, located the bar manager some time later and arrested him.

He categorically denies raping the woman. He has yet to appear in court. The police are waiting on results of DNA tests.