Two people on kayaks in the Bay of Soller on Sunday admitted to be rather shocked when a water snake swam between them. The viperine water snake or viperine snake (Natrix maura) is a semiaquatic, fish-eating natricine water snake.

The viperine snake looks like an adder and occasionally behaves like one. It is known to strike like an adder, but not to bite. It spends most of its time in water hunting fish, frogs and other aquatic animals. The species is diurna. Adults may attain a total length of 85 cm (33 inches), with a tail 17 cm (7 inches) long.

According to scientists there has been a big growth in the number of water snakes on Mallorca in recent years probably as a result of warmer waters.

The viperine snake is found in southwestern Europe and northwestern Africa. Specifically, N. maura is found in the European countries of Portugal, Spain, Andorra, France, northwestern Italy, and Switzerland. It has spread to areas of England.

The two people on the kayaks videoed their discovery which we produce here. The tale certainly caused a sensation in the Port of Soller. Sightings of this type are unusual to say the least.