The protest on Saturday. | MDB


At 7pm on Saturday, thousands of people* gathered at the Parc de ses Estacions in Palma for a march to the Passeig Born.

Called by the Banc de Temps collective in Sencelles, the slogan for the demonstration was 'Mallorca is not for sale'. Among organisations who took part were the environmentalists GOB. There was union representation - the UGT, one of the two biggest unions.

Banc de Temps released a video a few weeks back that went viral. Made by residents of Sencelles, a key message of the the video was that people were being driven out of their homes, out of their town, out of Mallorca. While tourism was blamed because of the increased number of holiday rental properties and for overcrowding, the video wasn't solely about tourism and nor was Saturday's march. The housing crisis and damage to the environment were other main issues; all three are interrelated.

The protest was therefore against overcrowding, destruction of the island, the lack of protection for residents, and the current tourism model that it is pushing Mallorca to the limit and is driving out residents because to live in Mallorca has become a luxury.

* A figure of 10,000 has been given.